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30-Day Money Guarantee

We want your purchase to perform as you expect. We back our work with a 30-Day Money-Back guarantee.

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No License Renewals

Unlimited Support

There are no time limits on updates and support. No renewals required! You can get updates for your version anytime, for as long as you like.

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We Use Best Practices

Solid Coding

Ever have an extension mess up your Magento store? We don't believe that's how things should work, especially if they're coded correctly.

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Over 17 Years of Experience

We Know

We build our products to use ourselves. We've been building e-commerce solutions since 1997. We're not guessing how things should work.

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Featured Add-ons

Buying and installing Magento extensions has been, at best, a crap shoot. Until now. Introducing Mage Revolution, the easiest, most convenient way to buy, install and upgrade Magento add-ons. No FTP. No license keys. We're revolutionizing how Magento add-ons are installed and managed.

All our add-ons are good for as many domains as you want to use on a single Magento installation. Use on multiple stores at no extra cost. And every purchase comes with free lifetime support for the version you purchase. NO support contracts, NO expiring support periods. Period.

So, go ahead. Change the way you enhance Magento. With Mage Revolution™, the Magento revolution is on.